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​​Southwest Early Learning Bilingual Preschool

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In order to have a strong dual language curriculum, these are the strategies we implement:

- Have a language plan: When the school year begins, both parents and children are told what days classes are taught in English and which in Spanish so the parents and children understand that there is a big emphasis on a bilingual program.

- Critical mass and creating a language community: Creating a community of strong Spanish/English speaking children where non-Spanish or non-English speaking children can learn from when interacting and working alongside them.

- The role of parentese: Working alongside parents to support a child’s second language development through different opportunities at the school and resources we provide.

- A few new words at a time and natural repetition: Working on a few new words at a time for a child to learn and grasp the meaning of these words really well before learning more words. Finding ways to use natural repetition through songs, poems,games and sayings for children to grasp the concept of these new words.

- Total physical response method: Involves teaching commands and other language elements while making movements related to the meaning of the word.

- Using books and stories: Using books and stories in the children’s level of language learning to help provide context and language models.

- Making meaning in their school community: Enabling the children to understand and utilize the language and culture they are learning about in their everyday community.

- Linguistically and culturally relevant environment: This is where the language and environment reflects the community that we serve.

- Information is gathered at the end of the school year for each child's first and second language development through the getting to know books and portfolios.​


Creating a bilingual/bicultural environment where children can learn and appreciate two different languages and cultures.

Our dual language curriculum focuses on Spanish and English in the classroom, our children gain a rich understanding of both languages, our goal is for children to leave our program being bilingual and bicultural. Having a dual language program is a valuable way of developing language proficiency in another language besides English. Our program provides music, books, activities and everything in the classroom is labeled and color coordinated in the two languages so children are able to see and recognize their everyday classroom items in the two languages. All of our teachers are also fluent in both Spanish and English, enabling them to aid the children in learning Spanish or English at their own speed and being able to go back and forth between both languages. Our dual language model is currently- Time Based Model, where two days are English and two days are Spanish, making the children participate not only in social activities but also the learning activities in both Spanish and English.

​Dual Language Curriculum

Dual Language Model